Discover the complete suite of integrated
systems for business management!

Software development

Our experienced IT professionals guide you through all SDLC phases, from gathering requirements and prototyping to project deployment and implementation. We tailor our services to specific business needs and select different types of technologies for every single project to achieve superior results.

HR Management

All your HR needs can be automated with the help of an all-in-one HR cloud management solution. Our HR management software extend its services to different industries in enhancing the employee experience while boosting productivity and achieving growth.


Conceptualize, design and deliver exceptional execution with our ERPNext consultancy.

Business Intelligence

Get the business insights on tip of your fingers with integrated business intelligence.


ERPNext is a great enterprise resource planning software to be used in any company, it formulates a business tool that is very stable, highly customizable and easy to both manage and implement, its ability to provide solutions in any environment makes it a highly functional platform to boost and enhance work performance.


BOOST YOUR SALES WITH ERPNEXT Using the ERPNext’s sales and purchases module, you can increase your productivity while maintaining lower expenses by effectively managing your sales and purchases cycles, from the purchase stage to sales orders, extending your workflow to be as efficient and controllable as possible.

A Dynamic and Easy to Use Software

ERPNext is extremely suitable for businesses focusing on manufacturing, retail, and distribution cycles. Extensive functionality is integrated into a single platform for easy management and controllability. With its functionality, ease-of-use, integration capabilities and the extensive set of modules it comes with, it formulates an impressive, centralized ERP platform and one of the best options out there for all kinds of businesses.


Our systems are used by hundreds of companies in the country and abroad, with distribution, production, retail or service activities.


Our experience translates into best practices and customized workflows, embedded in specialized automation solutions.

Integrated software solutions - unlimited possibilities for business development!

Whether you are in manufacturing, agriculture, distribution, healthcare, retail, or even services, we have the best cloud ERP for you. The ERPNext Portals will enable you to connect directly with your customers and vendors by giving them a direct link for submitting bids and to shop for your products and/or services online. From accounting and HR to manufacturing, selling, and buying, bring all business functions under one roof — all on the cloud.


We use the latest technologies from Microsoft along with internationally tested platforms.

lexible licensing

Encourages work in shifts and reduces licensing costs up to 2 or 3 times.

Manage your Projects!

Manage internal and external projects efficiently with easy Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timesheets, employee calendars, assignments, and more.


This is where you can find all domain-specific modules like Education and Manufacturing.

Accounting Modules

With an ERP, you can take full advantage of the value of integration. All relevant transactional data from other modules will automatically sync with your accounting data. Multi-currency and multi-country support, Powerful Accounting with Tax calculations, respective company’s chart of accounts, and Cost centers. A wide range of reports, built-in tools for bank and payment reconciliation, payment vouchers.

Customer Relationship Management

ERPNext enables you to keep a comprehensive and well-timed relationship with your customers base, no matter how many customers you have or may have in the future, through a set of magnificent reports, the ERP helps you keep your business activities under control.

Discover our systems

WMS – Warehouse Management

  • Operations automation
  • Picking optimization
  • Complete traceability, from reception to delivery
  • Workflow reorganization

Inventory – Replentishment optimization

  • Inventory planning time reduced up to 80%
  • Supply processes automation
  • Multi-location planning

XRP — Complex Business Processes

  • A unique platform for your business
  • Project management
  • Incident Management
  • Construction tracking
  • Production planning

ERP – Resource Management

  • Accounting tasks automation
  • Easier workflows
  • Automatic document generation
  • Integrated information, accessible in real time
  • SeniorERP Mobile — web application for customer relationship management

MES – Production Management

  • Real-time management of factory operations
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Reduced order preparation time

SFA – Sales Agents

  • Remote monitoring and control of the sales reps
  • Automatic transmission of on-site information
  • Reduced order process time

TMS – Transport Route Optimization

  • Automatic route planning
  • Automatic sending of transport routes
  • Reduced planning and delivery times

BI – Data Analysis

  • Business indicators and analysis available anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time charts and interactive reports
  • Remotely identifying problems and solutions

HR – Human Resource Management

  • Automatic issuance of statements (112) and reports
  • Automatic calculation of sick leave compensations and salaries
  • Automatic workflows

CPM – Budgeting & Planning

  • Budget and financial planning
  • Real-time access to financial information and reports
  • User collaboration – presentation and chat features included
  • Unlimited versions and scenarios for planning, forecasting and simulation

E-Commerce – Online Sales

  • 24/7 available sales channel
  • Secure online payments
  • Prices, stocks and orders in real time

APS – Production Planning

  • Remote production planning
  • Planning time reduced up to 60%
  • Real-time application changes